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Content:Up to 18% THC | <1%CBD
Medical Usage:Stress | Anxiety | Pain | Depression | Insomnia
Flower Size:Medium
Flower Smell:Berry | Hash | Peppermint | Mint
Flower Texture:Dense | Rounded | Crystally

Product Description

There's a reason why this Indica dominant strain has been once voted Strain of the Year by High Times! Hashberry features your classic Indica taste emitting a minty and peppery flavor with undertones of the aroma of berries like it's name suggests densely packed in frosty and dense buds supported by its thick stems. Users may expect Indica properties when smoking, producing a soothing and relaxing feeling, but this strain also retains many of its sativa properties by causing users to feel focused, clear headed, and creative. We recommend using Hashberry for afternoon or evening use for its mild sedative properties that usually occur within 1 to 2 hours of smoking This perfect for users that smoke for alleviating lack of sleep, fatigue, mild aches and pains.

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Marijuana Effects

Unlike most Indica dominant strains, Hashberry retains a lot of its sativa-based properties. This strain is known for increasing cerebral activity that helps users clear their mind and develop focus during the initial stages of the high. After 1 to 2 hours of use, users may typically feel a sense of soothing and relaxation often giving smokers a mellow effect. Most enjoy this strain for its ability to alleviate anxiety and helping users with mild insomnia. We recommend this strain more-so for it's calming effects that reduces stress, anxiety and mild depression therefore, use during afternoon to evening is optimal for this strain.


Users May Experience

Cannabis Increased Creativity

Increased Creativity

Cannabis Dry Mouth

Dry Mouth

Cannabis Dry Eyes

Dry Eyes

Cannabis Nausea


Cannabis Headache


Aroma & Appearance

Like the name suggests, Hashberry often produces a minty and peppery aroma accompanied with notes of berries for taste. Users often report that the strain has a classic Indica taste. Those who enjoy the familiar flavor can expect dense, heavy and frosty buds supported by thick stems. It's lineage is speculated to come from the Indica strain "North Indian".

Cannabis Content

Average THC levels of Hashberry varies between 15-18% THC and less than 1% CBD. Some reviews suggest that Hashberry can be sativa like, elevating the mind to be productive and creative. Some enjoy its effects of relieving anxiety. After reaching its peak of high, it will lead to sleepiness and possible paranoia for some users. It is known to reduce chronic aches/pains.

1 review for Hashberry | AA+


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    Jorge I.

    Great strain!

    One of my current favorites from TSM. Great smell. Very dense nugs. The high was great. It didn’t knock me out but it was very relaxing.

    November 10, 2020

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Hashberry | AA+
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