Lemon Kush | AA+



Content:Up to 18% THC | <1%CBD
Medical Usage:Stress | Anxiety | Pain | Depression | Insomnia
Flower Size:Medium
Flower Smell:Berry | Hash | Peppermint | Mint
Flower Texture:Dense | Rounded | Crystally

Product Description

If you're looking for a tasty smoking conversation starter, Lemon Kush is the perfect ice-breaker! Bred by Alien Genetics, Lemon Kush is made by crossing Lemon G and Afghan Kush or alternatively Master Kush and Lemon Joy. The result is a well balanced 50/50 hybrid that rewards the user with enhanced cerebral activity and creativity while relieving physical pain. The yellowish patches and thick amber hairs on the buds give off that lemon zesty appearance that immediately put a taste in your mouth just by looking at it! The citrusy flavor and scent aren't just there for show, this distinctive characteristic also carries medicinal benefits. Lemon Kush is known to carry high levels of the chemical compound D-Limonene which is a terpene that has been found to have anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties. If you want a fun way to potentially fight cancer, smoke some Lemon Kush!

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Marijuana Effects

The full effects of this strain typically takes 5 to 10 minutes to register which accompanies itself with a slight body buzz. Users will embrace a clearheaded high with elevated cerebral focus and creativity. These mental effects make this strain useful for getting errands done or inducing artistic inspiration. Common physical effects have been reported to be relief from headaches and anxiety.


Users May Experience

Cannabis Increased Creativity

Increased Creativity

Cannabis Increased Happiness

Increased Happiness

Cannabis Dizziness


Cannabis Drowsiness


Cannabis Dry Mouth

Dry Mouth

Aroma & Appearance

Although defined as a hybrid, Lemon Kush holds a tight and dense bud structure more like an Indica strain. The light green buds tend to be smaller than average often accompanied with patches of yellow and thick amber hairs. The frosty trichome coated buds give off a sweet and smooth lemon scent with the earthiness and musk you find in most Kush strains. Expect a tangy and citrusy aftertaste when smoked.

Cannabis Content

Average THC levels of Lemon Kush varies between 17-20% THC and less than 1% CBD. This amount is ideal for afternoon or evening use which is lends practical use for getting tasks done or taking on artistic endeavors. Lemon Kush offers a perfect balance of uplifting euphoria and relaxation as many true 50/50 hybrids should.


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Lemon Kush | AA+
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