Orange Cookies | AA+



Content:16%-20% THC | <1%CBD
Medical Usage:Anxiety | Pain | Depression | Lack Of Appetite
Flower Size:Large
Flower Smell:Fruity | Herbal | Peppery
Flower Texture:Dense

Product Description

Why eat it when you can smoke it! Orange Cookies, engineered by Franchise Genetics an Indica dominant cross-bread of Orange Juice and Girl Scout Cookies. This strain brings tangy citrus fruit flavors, tastes and aroma. Orange cookies will get your creative juices flowing while adding joyfulness in your life! This weird mix of cookies and orange juice may seem unorthodox, but don't mix out on this tasty treat!

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Marijuana Effects

Orange Cookies will encourage its users into a relaxation state causing them to be more joyful and creative. Although smoking Orange Cookies may cause red eyes, dry mouth and potential headaches, its users will soon find that this strain is perfect for increasing active pursuits and relieving daily stress. Medical cannabis patients will find this strain highly effective to stress, depress, and anxiety. Higher dosage of Orange Cookies can bring refreshing sleep along with relieving chronic pains and aches with its numbing body high.


Users May Experience

Cannabis Relaxation


Cannabis Being Uplifted

Being Uplifted

Cannabis Euphoria


Cannabis Increased Happiness

Increased Happiness

Cannabis Increased Creativity

Increased Creativity

Aroma & Appearance

Orange Cookies, a mixture of orange juice and cookies was specifically created for its aroma and flavor. This strain emits wonders of taste and smell through its tangy citrus fruits and sweet orange cookie traits. Orange Cookies consists of medium sized buds that’s are filled with fiery orange pistils and resinous trichomes. Its flower entails bright green leaves with pigments of purple which is due to anthocyanins reacting to the cold environment. Just like peeling an orange when breaking up or grinding this bud a peppery herbal aroma will enter the atmosphere. Orange Cookies burns smoothly releasing a saccharine taste and odor.

Cannabis Content

Average THC levels of Orange Cookies range from 15%-20% THC and less than 1% CBD. Great for producing aromatic hash and concentrates. Its versatility makes it a valuable strain for medical and non-medical users. Its uplifting effect gives users a surge of energy leaving them awake but mellow, perfect for being productive. Its numbing body high effect makes it ideal for relieving chronic aches, pains, and symptoms of stress, depress and anxiety. High dose usage can bring deep and exhilarating sleep.


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Orange Cookies | AA+
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