Violet Delight | AA+



Content:18%-22% THC | <1%CBD
Medical Usage:Stress | Insomnia | Pain | Depression | Nausea
Flower Size:Small | Medium
Flower Smell:Herbal | Peppery | Pine
Flower Texture:Semi-Dense | Crystally

Product Description

If you enjoy the fruity flavor of grapes and the earthy floral aroma of violets, this is the strain for you! Violet Delight has the genetic lineage of some the popular fan favorites: Blueberry, Green Crack, and Shiskaberry. Violet Delight's flowers aren't particularly the most impressive amongst its genetic parents with its spade-shaped small point tip nugs. The buds typically have a sage hue with a slight hint of pale lavender accompanied by orange pistils and frosty trichomes. Complementary to it's distinct floral scent, Violet Delight also offers a sweet and sugary cotton candy smell underneath. This strain is a good a choice for novice users that doesn't overwhelm with sedation, rather it allows the mind to stay clear for decision making. This Indica dominant hybrid offers a giggly uplifted mood that keeps you happy and talkative in social engagements. The high usually kicks in within 10 to 15 minutes, usually starting with a tingling or pressure in the cheeks and forehead. After an hour or so the strains body high creeps in setting the user in a relaxed state. Later afternoon and early evening are the recommended times of day for consumption. Medicinal benefits include benefits for ADHD, stress, depression, and anxiety.

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Marijuana Effects

The high takes about 10 to 15 minutes to kick in for this Violet Delight. Like many Indica dominant strains you will reap the benefits of focus, productivity, and gigliness. After about an hour or so the user will experience a relaxing body high which is very useful for relieving muscle tension. Other effects include happiness, philosophical inspiration, and a tingling sensation in the forehead area. There are some negative side-effects however such as dry eyes and mouth. With high doses anxiety or paranoia may be experienced. Furthermore, Violet Delight is especially useful for chemotherapy patients who have trouble gaining appetite.


Users May Experience

Cannabis Increased Creativity

Increased Creativity

Cannabis Dry Eyes

Dry Eyes

Cannabis Being Uplifted

Being Uplifted

Cannabis Dry Mouth

Dry Mouth

Cannabis Dizziness


Aroma & Appearance

As the name suggests, Violet Delight delivers the fruity flavor of grapes and the earthy floral aroma of violets. These tasty buds are typically popcorn or spade-shaped containing shades of sage and a hint of lavender. Interestingly, anthocyanin pigments are responsible for the pale lavender hue. A little fruit for thought! As with most Indica dominant strains, expect to see orange pistils with a coating of frosty trichomes.

Cannabis Content

Average THC levels of Violet Delight varies between 18-22% THC and less than 1% CBD. The Smoking Monkeys recommends this strain during parties and conversations and for those who are connoisseurs of flavor.


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Violet Delight | AA+
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