White Zombie | AA+



Content:17% – 19% THC | <1%CBD
Medical Usage:Stress | Anxiety | Pain | Depression | Migraines
Flower Size:Medium
Flower Smell:Sweet | Nutty | Buttery
Flower Texture:Fluffy | Semi-Dense

Product Description

If you're a fan of Rob Zombie or looking for a creative boost, this is the one to smoke! Rumored to be a die-hard fan of the rock band, legend says that the creator of this strain has injected genetics from Zombie OG. White Zombie is a nearly perfect 50/50 hybrid strain that has the rare ability to get your sexual juices flowing! It's high offers an initial wave of a numbing/warming body effect that can set the mood for arousal. In addition to heightened creativity, you will enjoy a rush of energetic euphoria and eventually calming sedation making it ideal for late afternoon to evening use. Enjoy the last-lasting and stress reducing effects for your routine session with White Zombie!

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Marijuana Effects

White Zombie is a hybrid that is almost a perfect balance between Indica and sativa. Although it slightly leans more towards Indica, the high long lasting is quite energetic and euphoric. Users will find themselves feeling joyful and inspired with uplifted creativity. Interestingly this strain has been reported to administer a tingling sensation through your body that can arouse you into the mood for some lovin’. White Zombie offers many beneficial treatments for anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia, pain, bipolar, and headaches. Typical side effects include dry mouth and eyes however, proceed with caution in high doses as it may cause dizziness or paranoia.


Users May Experience

Cannabis Increased Happiness

Increased Happiness

Cannabis Dry Eyes

Dry Eyes

Cannabis Dizziness


Cannabis Attentiveness


Cannabis Being Uplifted

Being Uplifted

Aroma & Appearance

White Zombies nugs are generally spade-shaped covered in fiery orange pistils milky white crystals. The name definitely matches the appearance with its forest green zombified looking buds! The smell and taste of White Zombie is typically reminiscent of sweet herbs. Although described to be nutty and buttery, it is also sometimes said to be reminiscent of pancakes and syrup!

Cannabis Content

Average THC levels of White Cookies varies between 17-19% THC and less than 1% CBD. This strain is recommended for late afternoon to evening use for its energetic and calming effects.


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White Zombie | AA+
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