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Medicate on-the-go and discreetly with Keo Edibles 1:1 THC:CBD Oil Tinctures! If you’re looking for a fact-acting medicinal product look no further. This little bottle of goodness combines the best of both worlds; Indica derived full-spectrum THC and full-spectrum CBD. The Indica based THC helps users relax and unwind with its sedative insomnia fighting properties for a restful sleep while the CBD component provides treatment for pain, anxiety, depression, and inflammation. As a carrier oil grapeseed is used for this tincture for its high levels of vitamin E and anti-inflammatory properties. Keo edible tinctures are third party lab tested and contain no harmful chemicals or filler ingredients ensuring natural quality from every drop! This almost flavorless tincture makes it simple and versatile to dose within a safe and controlled manner.


Shake the bottle before opening. Take the desired dose (we recommend starting with 1 mL if you’re new to ingestible cannabis and CBD). Allow 90 minutes for full effect before an additional dose is considered. Take with food for best results. To maximize sublingual uptake, hold the liquid under your tongue for 30-90 seconds, then swallow.


Keep out of reach of animals and children. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery after consumption. Do not consume if pregnant.


Each 1ml dropper is dosed at 33.33mg THC/CBD for the 1000mg bottle and 66.66mg THC/CBD for the 2000mg bottle.


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Keo Edibles | CBD Oil Tinctures | 2000mg
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