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Medicate with the flavorful and aromatic goodness of Melon Extract’s Live Resin! Also known as Terp Sauce or High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract (HTFSE), Live Resin uses groundbreaking extraction technology that preserves a high amount of terpenes, aromas, and flavors of your favorite strain. This is something that you don’t typically get out of other traditional forms of concentrates such as budder or shatter. These traditional forms of concentrates typically use plant material that has been dried or cured which can destroy the freshness and aroma of a particular strain that is to be processed. The starting plant material for Live Resin on the other hand typically consists of fresh flower buds and sugar leaves. The stems and large leaves are excluded. Live Resin uses a process called flash-freezing which helps preserve and retain the full flavor and most desirable compounds of the cannabis plant. A greater proportion of terpenes — the essential oils that are responsible for a particular strain’s aroma and flavor — are retained from bypassing the typical drying and curing process. The result is a tasty and aromatic concentrate ready for the consumption from the biggest connoisseurs out there! Terp Sauce or HTFSE typically contains 60% or more terpenes that standard wax or shatter products.

Heat Warning:

Due to uncontrollable temperatures, your products may melt during transit or from being in the mailbox. Please ensure you take the products out right away and store them in a cool place.


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Melon Extracts Live Resin | Rainmaker – 1.0g
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