Melon Extracts THCa Diamonds | Tom Ford Pink Kush - 1.0g


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Proceed with caution! This product is not intended for novice users. This pure refined premium product is created by isolating the THCa cannabinoid. Brought to you by Melon Extracts — a BC-based team — who prides themselves in their craftsmanship offering this specialized cannabis concentrate. Unlike cannabis flowers which typically contain on average 20%-25% THC, Melon Extracts THCa Diamonds contain almost 100% THC content. In other words, using THCa is about 4 times stronger than using your conventional smoking of dried herb. THCa Diamonds are processed from fresh undried and uncured flowers using state-of-the-art extraction technology. This ensures an enjoyable and clean quality experience every time! The best way to consume THCa Diamonds is use a heating element that will reach at least 350 Fahrenheit. This can be in the form of smoking, vaping or dabbing. This 350 Fahrenheit activation temperature decarboxylates the THCa and creates THC, the psychoactive component of the molecule.


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Melon Extracts THCa Diamonds | Tom Ford Pink Kush – 1.0g
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